Birds of a Feather
Supporting Federation for Large-Scale Collaborations
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Birds of a Feather
Technical Tools
TimeTuesday, July 305:15pm - 6:15pm
LocationWater Tower
DescriptionCloud federation standardization efforts continue to evolve. The NIST/IEEE Joint WG on Federated Cloud has been continuing their work, and the Open Research Cloud Alliance has been actively developing consensus across the scientific community stakeholders. ORCA's goal is to support international science collaborations. NIST’s goal is to "define" federation, build a conceptual model, map-out federation deployment models, and identify needed areas of federation-specific standardization. The IEEE goal is to push these federation standards through the standardization process.

Jetstream is one of the first NSF-funded open, interactive production systems targeted at the national science and engineering research communities to provide on-demand computing and storage anytime, anywhere. By design and in practice, Jetstream is programmable cyberinfrastructure in that users can reconfigure the system to suit their needs.

Keystone is the OpenStack Identity Service: it provides API client authentication, service discovery, and distributed multi-tenant authorization. Keystone was designed from the ground up to be amenable to multiple styles of backend; it is organized as a group of internal services exposed on one or many endpoints.

This BoF will provide a discussion around cloud federation, their use case and implementation, and discuss possible federation deployment and governance models that embody the key concepts and design principles.