Birds of a Feather
Ask.CI, the Q&A Site for Research Computing ­- Year 1 Lessons Learned, Plans for Year 2
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Birds of a Feather
Technical Tools
TimeMonday, July 295:15pm - 6:15pm
DescriptionIn September, 2017, the Northeast Cyberteam began a project to build a Q&A site to optimize dissemination of knowledge for research computing. The site was launched at PEARC18, and a naming contest at the conference yielded (Ask.CI).

The goal of Ask.CI is to aggregate answers to a broad spectrum of questions that are commonly asked by the research computing community. As researchers, staff, students, and other users ask and answer questions on Ask.CI, they are creating a shared knowledge base for the larger community, and alleviating the burden of a central resource to provide support to a user base. For smaller institutions, this provides a wealth of knowledge that was not previously available in an easily searchable Q&A form. For larger institutions, this novel, self-service model frees up time for facilitators and cyberinfrastructure engineers to focus on more advanced subject matter, thereby elevating the practice.

Establishing a Q&A site of this nature requires some tenacity. In partnership with the Campus Champions, Ask.CI has gained traction, and continues to engage the broader community to firmly establish the platform as a powerful tool for research computing. In the year since launch, Ask.CI has attracted nearly 100,000 page views, hundreds of contributors, and a broad audience that spans the U.S., and parts of Europe and Asia.

At this BOF, the Ask.CI team will discuss strategies, key accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the upcoming year.