Birds of a Feather
Building a Community of Research Software Engineers
Event Type
Birds of a Feather
Building Community
TimeMonday, July 295:15pm - 6:15pm
LocationNew Orleans
DescriptionSoftware has become a major driver for research with over 90% of researchers answering surveys that they use software for their research and over 65% expressing that they even could not do their research without software. Good software can last forever, but when novices develop it, problems can arise. Often research code will become unusable at the end of the life of a project or with the departure of a single individual. The profession of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) has become internationally recognized as an increasingly critical role in creating and sustaining reliable software. We define Research Software Engineers to encompass those who regularly use expertise in programming to advance research.
The goal of this BoF is to discuss the next steps for outreach and actions feasible for building/extending a US RSE community. Is maybe the FORCE11 and Research Data Alliance (RDA) model with working groups around specific topics a good way to go? Which national specifics should be considered to be as successful as the UK example?
PEARC’19 is an excellent fit as venue for this BoF since it is one of the major events for the campus champions, ACI-REF facilitators and advanced research computing. Research software is a large sub-group of research computing. The report by the Campus Research Computing Consortium (CaRCC) on cyber-infrastructure professionalization emphasizes different roles in the eco-system of cyber-practitioners and the software/data facing role is one of them.