Data Science Support Services for Researchers
Event Type
TimeWednesday, July 3111am - 12:30pm
LocationNew Orleans
DescriptionAcross fields, innovative research increasingly requires computational and data skills that domain researchers lack. The demand for support from researchers extends well beyond the computational resources and support services research computing groups have traditionally provided. Researchers also need assistance with computationally-driven data collection, wrangling, analysis, and visualization tasks, as well programming and software development support. The need for support ranges from qualitative analysis to machine learning.

As universities recognize this need, research computing groups, libraries, centers, and departments are being asked to provide these data science support services in a variety of ways. This panel provides an overview of what such services entail, how they are being provided at different institutions, and the challenges that come with providing data science support for researchers. Session participants and panelists will discuss factors to consider when developing data science support services for researchers, how they manage such services, and what careers for specialists providing support services look like.