Professionalization and Career Arcs for Roles Supporting Compute- and Data-intensive Research
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TimeTuesday, July 303:30pm - 5pm
DescriptionResearch across all domains is becoming more data- and computationally intensive, and more and more domains are adopting computational and data-centric methods. This change is increasing the importance of roles for consulting, instruction, and training of researchers in the effective use of the associated infrastructure and tools, roles for supporting the infrastructure itself, and roles for discovery and management of the datasets generated and used in research. There is a related rise in the roles of data scientists, both independently and as part of research teams. All of this has led to discussion of how library, data science, and Research IT support roles should be integrated into academic organizational models to build effective teams and enterprises.

This panel brings together four projects that are investigating these issues, and are developing models for supporting and advancing professionals who purse these various careers. The panelists will summarize the respective projects, and we will explore the lessons learned for different roles. Attendees will engage the panelists, and learn how they can leverage the lessons both as individuals and at their institutions.