Balancing Local and National Cyberinfrastructure Resources
Event Type
TimeTuesday, July 3011am - 12:30pm
DescriptionThis panel will invite cyberinfrastructure professionals from a wide range of universities to discuss their efforts to meet researchers' needs with a mix of local and national cyberinfrastructure solutions. Researchers bring a broad variety of unique requests for computational capabilities, storage, and expertise. In university research computing organizations, campus providers identify an equally broad range of solutions that meet these needs, and implement them in a number of configurations. These choices and the lessons learned
from implementing solutions and working with researchers to adopt them are valuable experiences for the community at large considering balancing the costs and benefits of local hardware and infrastructure investments and leveraging national solutions such as the Open Science Grid (OSG), the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), domain-specific gateways, the Department of Energy's INCITE program, and others, as well as balancing local and national resources, managing the transition of users from local to national,
and deciding how to support users who make use of resources from multiple locations.

Discussion will be guided by the XSEDE National Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration team, with an eye to fostering community among resource providers, and getting at common issues across the national CI landscape.