Jupyter at Scale: HPC and Scientific Facilities
Event Type
TimeWednesday, July 313:30pm - 5pm
LocationWater Tower
DescriptionProject Jupyter has developed a mature and robust ecosystem of open-source tools and components supporting interactive computing. Users of high-performance computing (HPC) systems, especially those new to HPC and representing the next generation of scientists, have begun to expect Jupyter to be as ubiquitously available as bash or other popular shells. In order to meet and manage these expectations, facilities must simultaneously respond to demand while tackling relevant issues of policy, security, infrastructure support, and scale.

HPC users, researchers, and staff have begun exploring how Jupyter can expose HPC resources (storage, batch queues, workflow management, data transfer) in new and more accessible ways. The “Jupyter at Scale: HPC and Scientific Facilities” panel will bring together a group of practitioners to discuss their experiences deploying, maintaining, supporting, and extending Jupyter and related technologies at their respective institutions.