In-situ Analysis and Visualization of Earthquake Simulation
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TimeWednesday, July 312:30pm - 3pm
LocationCrystal C
DescriptionNowadays, numerical simulation has played a vital role in analyzing and assessing earthquakes and their affects. Storage I/O performance and network bandwidth have not kept pace with the growth of computing power; as a result, post-processing has become a bottleneck to end-to-end simulation performance. One approach to solving this performance imbalance is to reduce the amount of output data by implementing in-situ visualization, which constructs the visualization concurrent with the simulation. In this paper, we propose a new software utility named "awp-odc-insitu" that is based on the well-known open-source seismic simulation software "awp-odc-os" and capable of performing in-situ visualization functionality by employing the open-source data analysis and visualization application "ParaView" and its in-situ library "ParaView Catalyst". Moreover, the paper discusses the implementation of in-situ functionality and analyzes the performance and efficiency of the "awp-odc-insitu" code to demonstrate the code is of potential use in practical seismic research.