HUBzero®: Novel Concepts Applied to Established Computing Infrastructures to Address Communities’ Needs
Event Type
TimeThursday, August 111:30am - 12pm
LocationCrystal C
DescriptionThe science gateway framework HUBzero® has been enhanced and further developed since its initial vision in 1996 – always driven by requirements of the diverse communities applying HUBzero® for their research. HUBzero® is part of a computational landscape that has never evolved as fast as in the last decade. Novel frameworks and concepts on the user interface side such as Javascript libraries and Jupyter notebooks support communities in their working environment with easy-to-use user interfaces while novel technologies and concepts in the backend allow for effective and efficient modeling, simulations and processing research tools and data. HUBzero®’s enhancements include extensions for BOINC and XSEDE infrastructures on the backend while offering interactive computations and analytical tools via Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, and other web applications as publishing environments. The paper goes into detail for novel developments for the three use cases PURR, nanoHUB and MyGeohub.