Enabling Real-time User Interaction For Decision Support: Experiences Extending A Local Agave Platform Metadata Service.
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TimeThursday, August 111am - 11:30am
LocationCrystal C
DescriptionThe University of Hawai`i Information Technology Services Cyberinfrastructure team in partnership with the United States Geological Survey developed the Hawai`i groundwater recharge tool, a decision support tool, as part of the `Ike Wai Gateway to support water sustainability research for the state of Hawai`i. To enable the development of the tool within the existing University of Hawai`i Agave platform that the `Ike Wai Gateway is built on, the Metadata application programmatic interface (API) and Agave infrastructure needed to be extended to store and retrieve spatial data and handle a larger number of requests. The development team successfully added the functionality to the local University of Hawai`i Agave platform instance to support the storage of deserialized vector data and metadata that can be spatially queried across hundreds of thousands of records to enable decision support applications within a science gateway.