Open Compass: Accelerating the Adoption of AI in Open Research
Event Type
Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
TimeWednesday, July 3112pm - 12:30pm
LocationGold Coast
DescriptionArtificial intelligence (AI) has immense potential spanning research and industry. AI applications abound and are expanding rapidly, yet the methods, performance, and understanding of AI are in their infancy. Researchers face vexing issues such as how to improve performance, transferability, reliability, comprehensibility, and how better to train AI models with only limited data. Future progress depends on advances in hardware accelerators, software frameworks, system and architectures, and creating cross-cutting expertise between scientific and AI domains. Open Compass is an exploratory research project to conduct academic pilot studies on an advanced engineering testbed for artificial intelligence, the Compass Lab, culminating in the development and publication of best practices for the benefit of the broad scientific community. Open Compass includes the development of an ontology to describe the complex range of existing and emerging AI hardware technologies and the identification of benchmark problems that represent different challenges in training deep learning models. These benchmarks are then used to execute experiments in alternative advanced hardware solution architectures. Here we present the methodology of Open Compass and some preliminary results on analyzing the effects of different GPU types, memory, and topologies for popular deep learning models applicable to image processing.