Beyond Campus Bridging: A retrospective of Cyberinfrastructure Integration Efforts
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TimeTuesday, July 306:30pm - 8:30pm
LocationCrystal Foyer and Crystal B
DescriptionOver the past seven years, the XSEDE Cyberin-
frastructure Resource Integration (XCRI) Team has occupied
a unique space in the national research computing ecosystem.
Aiming to close the loop between large-scale resources of na-
tional supercomputing centers and campuses working to provide
researchers with local resources that will help them scale up
their analyses to larger systems. XCRI continues to offer a
specialized set of tools and services that support campuses
and research computing centers exploring and implementing
their own resources. These services assist in the management
of research cyberinfrastructure systems, provide a basis for
future funding requests, and attract researchers who will leverage
local and national systems to empower novel and innovative
research. XCRI has helped shepherd several schools on the path
to research computing, some from nothing more than a pile of
hardware, and continues to provide services running the gamut
from debugging new hardware to training administrators of new
compute resources. Thanks to a broad mandate to explore and
promulgate best practices and extend capabilities of campus
cyberinfrastructure, XCRI has been successful in offering aid
to resource-constrained institutions at several different levels.
This paper describes the mission and activity of the XCRI
team, its progress made in helping campuses adapt national-
scale cyberinfrastructure software and best practices for their
own environment to increase access to and availability of com-
putational resources. This paper will also discuss organizational
practices that have helped the team pursue their mission.