Deep Learning Enabled Predicting Modeling of Mortality of Diabetes Mellitus Patients
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TimeTuesday, July 306:30pm - 8:30pm
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DescriptionDiabetes mellitus (DM) is a major public health concern that requires continuing medical care. It is also a leading cause of other serious health complications associated with longer hospital stay and increased mortality rates. The fluctuation of blood glucose levels is easy to monitor. Physicians manage patients’ blood glucose to prevent or slow the progress of diabetes. In this paper, the MIMIC-III data set is used to develop and train multiple models that aim to predict the mortality of DM patients. Our deep learning model of convolutional neural network produced a 0.885 AUC score, above all baseline models we constructed, which include decision trees, random forests, and fully connected neural networks. The inputs for each model were comprised of admission type, age, Elixhausercomorbidity score, blood glucose measurements, and blood glucose range. The results obtained from these models are valuable for physicians, patients, and insurance companies. By analyzing the features that drive these models, care management for diabetic patients in an ICU setting can be improved resulting in lowered mortality rate.