Co-located Meeting
Open OnDemand Quarterly Meeting
Event Type
Co-located Meeting
Closed Meeting
Co-located Meeting
TimeTuesday, July 302pm - 4pm
DescriptionWe’d be potentially interested in hosting a special event in conjunction with PEARC19. Specifically, it would be an invitation only meeting ~2 hours in duration for the Open OnDemand project team. We have quarterly project team meetings, and since most of the team will be at PEARC it makes sense to try to time it around the event. We’re pretty flexible as to when specifically it would happen, but obviously wouldn’t want to overlap with any of the major PEARC program elements (especially since Tom is on the team). Having it be during a meal would be fine and we have plenty of project budget to pay any expenses that would be incurred. I’d expect there to be ~10 onsite attendees, and we’d want to setup a WebEx to allow other team members to connect in remotely if needed.