Co-located Meeting
Eastern Regional Network: Simplifying Multi-Campus Research Collaborations
Event Type
Co-located Meeting
Co-located Meeting
TimeWednesday, July 311:30pm - 3pm
DescriptionThe Eastern Regional Network (ERN) is a regional organization dedicated to simplifying multi-campus collaborations and partnerships that advance the frontiers of research, pedagogy, and innovation. The ERN mission is to provide layered and transparent access to shared data and computing facilities for research projects located at partner sites throughout the region. The project team consists of leaders among university research computing providers, regional research and education networks, Internet2, and Commercial Cloud Providers who have been working together to address the growing need for a regional research platform to support a diverse set of science and education needs. Through a Kubernetes and SLURM hybrid solution, including edge components, Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs), and storage, coupled with regional NSF CC* and DIBBS projects, and the Open Science Grid (OSG), we connect a diverse set of local and cloud research platforms and Science DMZs into a single cohesive federated regional DataDMZ designed to facilitate the sharing of data and access to advanced computing resources that include traditional HPC, High Throughput Computing (HTC), HADOOP/SPARK, machine learning, and containerization. The resulting layered approach offers the research community across the region access to a broad range of services and resources that’s not available on any one campus alone. This gathering is intended for ERN members attending PEARC to discuss action items outlined during a recent ERN workshop as well as give those interested in learning more about the ERN a chance to ask questions.