Practical Insights from the HPC and AI Innovation Lab
Event Type
Research Computing Analysis
Gold Talk
TimeWednesday, July 314:30pm - 5pm
LocationRegency AB
DescriptionOne of the primary roles of the Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab is to evaluate new technologies and different options for HPC and AI system design, then simplify these design choices by analyzing performance across a range of applications. This information is then used to influence the design of our Ready Solutions and shared with the HPC research community. This talk will cover what the Lab is and how customers can take advantage of its resources. We will focus on recent insights gathered from the lab in two main areas: a new BIOS tunable named Adaptive Double DRAM Device Correction (ADDDC) and how a seemly small change can have a large impact on performance. Then we’ll discuss profiling tools commonly used in the lab and their application to specific real-world examples.