Stereo 360 photography for Virtual Reality
Event Type
TimeMonday, July 298:35am - 10am
LocationGold Coast
DescriptionTitle: Stereo 360 photography for Virtual Reality Duration: 1.5 hours
Format: Presentation and tutorial (Participants can bring own laptops to follow along with the Unity tutorial section)
Requirements: Free person download of Unity by participants

This presentation will focus on data capture methods (LiDAR, photogrammetry, and 360 stereo photography) and their integration into Unity for use in virtual reality. I will provide an overview of these three approaches, followed by specific focus on 360 capture and implementation. The workshop will walk through capture, stitching, VR implementation, and simple interactions with minimal scripting in C#. Emphasis will be placed on the overall workflow and project structure. At the conclusion of the prepared presentation, I will field any questions that arise, suggest ways that the interactions could be expanded, and propose use cases for the technologies that currently exist as well as those still on the horizon.