Expressing and Managing Network Policies for Emerging HPC Systems
Event Type
Student Paper
Cluster Management
TimeTuesday, July 302:30pm - 3pm
LocationRegency AB
DescriptionTraditional high performance computing (HPC) centers that operate a single large supercomputer cluster have not required sophisticated mechanisms to manage and enforce network policies. Recently, HPC centers have expanded to support a wide range of computational infrastructure, such as OpenStack-based private clouds and Ceph object stores, each with its own unique characteristics and network security requirements. Network security policies are becoming more
complex and harder to manage. To address the challenge, this paper explores ways to define and manage the new network policies required by emerging HPC systems. As the first step, we identify the new types of policies that are required and the technical capabilities needed to support them. We present example policies and discuss ways to implement those policies using emerging programmable networks and intent-based networks. We describe our initial work toward automatically converting human readable network policies into network
configurations and programmable network controllers that implement those policies using business rule management systems.