Greyfish: An Out-of-the-Box, Reusable, Portable Cloud Storage Service
Event Type
Student Paper
TimeTuesday, July 301:30pm - 2pm
LocationCrystal C
DescriptionA scalable storage system is an integral requirement for supporting large-scale cloud computing jobs. The raw space on storage systems is made usable with the help of a software layer which is typically called a filesystem (e.g., Google’s Cloud Filestore). In this paper, we present the design and implementation of an open-source and free cloud-based filesystem named as “Greyfish” that can be installed on the Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted on different cloud computing systems, such as Jetstream and Chameleon. Greyfish helps in: (1) storing files and directories for different user-accounts in a shared space on the cloud, (2) managing file-access permissions, and (3) purging files when needed. It is currently being used in the implementation of the Gateway-In-A-Box (GIB) project. A simplified version of Greyfish, known as Reef, is already in production in the BOINC@TACC project. Science gateway developers will find Greyfish useful for creating local filesystems that can be mounted in containers. By doing so, they can independently do quick installations of self-contained software solutions in development and test environments while mounting the filesystems on large-scale storage platforms in the production environments only.