Modern tools for supercomputers
Event Type
TimeMonday, July 298:30am - 12pm
LocationWater Tower
DescriptionPowerful supercomputers have played an important role in the computational research community. However, the increasing complexity on modern systems may defer or hinder their work. A large amount of precious time and effort have been spent unnecessarily in managing the user environment, reproducing standard workflow, handling large scale I/O work, profiling and monitoring users jobs, understanding and resolving unnecessary system issues, etc. To help supercomputer users focus on their scientific and technical work and to minimize the workload for the consulting team, we designed and developed a series of powerful tools for supercomputer users. These tools are portable and effective on almost all supercomputers and are now serving thousands of supercomputer users of TACC, XSEDE, and other institutions every day.

In this tutorial, we will present and practice with supercomputer tools specifically designed for complex user environment (LMod, Sanity Tool), tools for job monitoring and profiling (Remora, TACC-Stat, etc.), tools for large-scale IO work (OOOPS, FanStore), and several other convenient tools. Attendees will learn how these tools are designed and how to use them in their daily work. Detailed hands-on exercises are prepared beforehand and will be executed mainly on the Stampede2 supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).