Cloud-based Virtual Clusters using Jetstream
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TimeMonday, July 298:30am - 5pm
DescriptionCloud computing has grown at a signi€cant rate over the past fewyears. While cloud computing alleviates much of the hardwaremanagement challenge, many researchers and educators have di�fficulty embracing the aspects of cloud computing that make it unique and preferred for many activities. Among the many features cloud computing brings, elastic computing - resources on demand, maybe one of the most appealing. A purpose-built virtual machine canbe built quickly and easily as a fi€rst step. Taking the example further into scripted launching of more resources as necessary is the logical next step. ThŒe next step can use elastic computing techniques to create virtual clusters on demand, bringing compute resources into existence when needed and removing them when they are no longer necessary. ThŒis elasticity enables gateway providers and researchers to make e�cient use of limited resources, while providing a resource for HPC-style jobs that isn’t dependent on external HPC resources.
While modest cloud-based virtual clusters won’t replace traditional HPC resources for jobs that require high-speed interconnects or large core counts and high memory pro€les, many smaller gateway, research, and education projects might benefi€t from the highly customizable and con€figurable, programmable cyberinfrastructure a‚fforded by cloud computing environments. ThŒis tutorial will explore the basic methods required for interacting with elastic computing environments. It will then show a hands-on approachbto creating virtual clusters in an OpenStack environment, including the necessary steps to make the cluster elastic, to take full advantage of the cloud environment.