Introduction to Python for Scientific Computing
Lead Presenter
Event Type
TimeMonday, July 298:30am - 12pm
LocationCrystal A
DescriptionThis half-day tutorial is a quick immersion in the basics of the Python programming language and associated packages for scientific computing, including tools needed to participate in the Student Modeling Challenge, part of the PEARC19 student program. Topics covered will include key language features – such as variables, types, operators, control flow, input/output, functions, classes, built-in containers, and modules – as well as an overview of some of the important libraries and packages in the Python ecosystem for scientific computing (to support plotting, data access and manipulation, numerical algorithms, and the construction of integrated computational notebooks). Most techniques will be presented in live-demo mode, and each section will feature hands-on exercises so that participants can try out the commands or methods for themselves. To participate fully in the exercises, attendees should come with the latest version of the Anaconda Python 3 package downloaded and installed on their computer ( ).