Introduction to Docker and Singularity
Lead Presenter
Event Type
TimeWednesday, July 3111am - 12:30pm
LocationCrystal A
DescriptionA container is a portable software unit that has one or more applications and all their dependencies bundled together in a single package. Containers make software and data distribution easy, and can thus save time in software installation and maintenance. They are also useful in ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of the applications by future-proofing them against the changes in hardware and system software. In this beginner-level, quarter-day tutorial (1.5 hours duration), the participants will get an overview of containers and their relevance in cloud computing and high performance computing. The tutorial presenters will demonstrate the use of Docker and Singularity – the two open-source container solutions that are popular in the advanced research community. A short hands-on session on Docker will also be included. The participants will be required to create an account on DockerHub to participate in the hands-on session and would need to bring their laptop.