Visualization Showcase
Waller Creek Water Quality: Visualization Through Augmented Reality
Event Type
Visualization Showcase
Vis Showcase
Interactive Visualization Demonstrations
TimeTuesday, July 306:30pm - 8:30pm
LocationCrystal Foyer and Crystal B
DescriptionWaller Creek is an urban waterway and Austin landmark that runs from just north of the University of Texas (UT) campus through the eastern edge of downtown into Lady Bird Lake. Its riparian ecosystem hosts tremendous biodiversity, but its proximity to the city center presents conservation challenges. By collecting water conductivity data, Dr. Mary Poteet from UT Geological Sciences is studying the creek's water quality with the goal identifying locations indicating influx that shouldn't be there eg. from city drinking water, sanitary sewers or other pollution sources. An important aspect of her work is communicating her research results to city officials and legislature to inform conservation efforts and also help locate leaks in the city's plumbing. To more effectively communicate the results of her water surveys, she requires many layers of map data to be visualized in context. This allows the pollutant sources to be identified, and also traced to outflows so that the effects on the entire watershed can be assessed at once. The work presented here utilizes augmented reality with Microsoft's HoloLens to present an overlay of maps showing Poteet's collection locations and results with watershed topography. Maps of the non-point source surveys highlight locations where anomalously high levels of conductivity -- which are likely locations with sewage leaks, were found.