Visualization Showcase
Wave breaking of a parametrically resonated normal mode in Fluid Dynamics
Event Type
Visualization Showcase
Vis Showcase
Interactive Visualization Demonstrations
TimeTuesday, July 306:30pm - 8:30pm
LocationCrystal Foyer and Crystal B
DescriptionAnimation of different fields along the mid-plane sections of a short-depth rectangular cuboid filled with stably stratified fluid. The container is subject to harmonic forcing in the vertical direction, and the animation is over 5.4 forcing periods. The harmonic forcing parametrically resonates a normal mode of the system so strongly that it leads to fantastic wave-breaking.

This is apparent in all four fields that are plotted: the temperature (upper left), the vorticity (how much the fluid is spinning, bottom left), the thermal dissipation (the heat generated due to thermal effects, upper right) , and the momentum dissipation (the heat generated due to viscosity, bottom right).