Python or R or Both: Tools for Your Data Analytics Workflow
Workshop Organizers
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TimeTuesday, July 3011am - 12:30pm
LocationCrystal A
DescriptionPython and R are among the most popular programming languages for data analysis. While they share many of the same important features as high-level, open-source programming languages, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses from a data-science perspective. While many researchers starting their data analysis journey feel they must choose between Python and R as their primary analytics tool, the reality is that there currently are no clear guidelines to make a decision between the two. This workshop aims to provide an in-depth comparison between Python and R for data science, thereby sparking an active discussion about which one would be the best choice given a specific goal and circumstance—or even when using both might be an appropriate choice. This workshop will benefit researchers, professionals, and students who need to choose between the two languages but also those who need to learn and use both.