Student Program: Student Modeling Challenge
Event Type
Student Program
TimeTuesday, July 3011am - 5pm
DescriptionThe PEARC Student Modeling Challenge has been offered over the past several years and has been a successful activity to introduce students to the concepts and practice of computational modeling as a method for engaging in scientific analysis. During the challenge, students work in teams to develop a model of a scientific problem, choosing from a selection of problems from a number of different domains including biology, physics, and chemistry. Over the course of the day, the teams read background information about their problem, identify the questions to be considered, work with a basic starting Python code, and develop a solution by adding complexity. Finally, the teams each create a presentation of their work and results throughout the day. This gives the students hands-on experience not only using computational modeling skills but also working in teams on a technical problem and presenting their work. Most students are not explicitly introduced to computational modeling as a skill in their science or programming classes, so this is often a new and meaningful experience for them. An Introduction to Python tutorial has also been submitted and prepares students to use Python in the Student Modeling Challenge.